The Secret To Getting Any Girl

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What is the most asked question by MEN around the world?  "How do I get that girl?"  There is simply no other question a man thinks of so constantly then this ONE question... And if you're a man reading this and saying "No, that's not right" then you are absolutely lying to yourself.  And if you're a woman reading this and saying "No", then you obviously  have no idea what men think.  So if you're a man who gets chicks or have trouble finding a mate it will work for everyone.  Why? Simply put: This is the SECRET that no woman wants you to know.  And if you're a woman who doesn't believe this, then you need to read this to understand the opposite sex.  Listen, this book is for the elite of Alpha Males, or the men who want to become an Alpha of their proverbial jungle.  If you do not want this, get the fuck out of this website and we are glad you are not purchasing the book.  But for the true men and women trying to exceed their life and make the one life given to you the best you can make it.  This is the book for you.